Film is Not Dead

Although I have a BFA in photography, I don’t shoot professionally anymore. However, I still will always and forever love photography and film. My heart is deeply rooted there and it is how I process the world around me. It is how I document my inspiration and make room for new ideas and collaborations.

Here are collections of film (developed and scanned- never digitally edited!) from my travels.


VOL. 1

Images from Washington, DC, NOLA, Los Angeles and Cancun, MX.

Film Types: Ilford HP5 100,


VOL. 2

Images from Baja Sur, MX, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, CA, Paris,

Film Types: Kodak Ektar 800, Ilford HP5 100


Vol. 3

Images from Mexico: Valladolid, Xichen Itza, CDMX, Taxco

Film Types: Kodak Ektar 800


Vol. 4

Images from Baja Sur, MX, Portland, OR, NOLA, Savannah, GA, San Francisco, CA, Paris

Film Types: Kodak TMAX 400, Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Ektar 800, Fujifilm Superia 100,


Vol. 5

Images from: Northern and Southern California, Paris, France

Film types: FujiColor Superia 100, Fuji Color HQ


Vol. 6

Images From: CDMX, MX

Film Types Used: Ilford Delta 100, Ektar 100, FujiChrome Provia 100F, Revlog Volvox 200


Vol. 7

Images From: CDMX, MX, Ensenada + Valle de Guadalupe, MX

Film Types Used: Kodak Max 400, Kodak Portra 800


Womens March: 1.21.17

San Francisco, CA